All of our pet visits include fresh food, water, playtime and a daily journal. In addition, we will bring in mail and newspapers, water plants, adjust lights and curtains and do a visual security check.

Duration of Visit            Price

15 minutes                        $15
(cats only)

30 minutes                       $20

45 minutes                       $25

1 hour                               $30

Overnight Stay                 $75

In Home Cageless       $25/day(cats)
Boarding                     $35/day(dogs)

Dog Day Care                   $20



Our dog walking service provides regular exercise for your pet when you can't. As part of each dog walk, we provide fresh water and food replenishment, as requested.                

Duration of visit                   Price

30 minutes                               $20

45 minutes                               $25

60 minutes                               $30


Additional Services Available:

  • Grocery Delivery prior to Return: $10
  • Pick-up/Drop-off Fee: $15 (each way)
  • Bath: $20
  • Nail Trim: $10
  • Administering Medications: N/C

Please add $5 per visit for each additional pet.

Please add $5 for visits before 8am or after 9pm

Note: All Rates Subject to Change without notice.

Please consult the following rate guide for Doggie Au Pair's basic services.
Note: We can provide specialized services to meet your specific needs.
No extra charge for the holidays!